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My head looks HUGE!!! What do I do?

Center Cam comes with a 65 Degree Horizontal Field of View lens. This will make you look closer and larger than other camera Field of Views. If you are sitting closer than 3 ft, we recommend that you look at purchasing the 80 Degree Field of View len

What's the best Lighting to use with Center Cam?

What lighting should I use to create the best look with Center Cam?. As with most cameras, the recommendation depends largely on what you are hoping to accomplish:.

What do you recommend for a Teleprompter?

Is there a Teleprompter that we recommend for use with Center Cam?. There are a few good options for Teleprompter software or websites. Your preference will depend largely on how you are using it and what features you will need. For simplicity, Cente

What comes in the Center Cam packages?

What comes in the Standard or Deluxe packages?. Here is a list of our products and packages that you can order on as of November 2022:. Dennison Harris.

What do I do? My glasses are reflecting lighting during my calls.

Issue:. My glasses are reflecting light from my monitor and from other sources. It creates a really problem when trying to connect with people on the call. Solution:. There are a lot of articles and YouTube videos that have been published about this