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My head looks HUGE!!! What do I do?Updated 8 months ago

Center Cam comes with a 65 Degree Horizontal Field of View lens. This will make you look closer and larger than other camera Field of Views. If you are sitting closer than 3 ft, we recommend that you look at purchasing the 80 Degree Field of View lens on our website. 

There is currently no way with software to Zoom the image out.

Certain video conferencing software, when started up, have basic settings. To ensure best performance of your Center Cam camera, make sure that you setup as follows:

Zoom Settings:

Ensure that you have HD enabled in your Video Settings. 

Google Meet:

Go to the Settings located in the menu bar at the bottom by clicking on the three vertical dots.

Click on Settings

Go to Video and make sure that you are using HD (720p) settings for both Send and Receive resolutions.

If this doesn't improve the image, check your placement. 

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