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What's the best Lighting to use with Center Cam?Updated 2 years ago


What lighting should I use to create the best look with Center Cam?


As with most cameras, the recommendation depends largely on what you are hoping to accomplish:

  • For a dramatic impact - Angled, Directional and Colored lighting in a dark environment will create shadows and glares that can give an artistic flare to your image. Proceed with caution; shadows and color filters are not always synonymous with professional.

  • For a washed out look - A bright directional light is great for washing out an image and hiding lines. Use with caution as this will also distort most colors and reduce image clarity. Perfect if you hope to represent a celestial being.

  • For hidden identity - We recommend a strong backlight with no front lighting. This will create a nice, encompassing shadow across your entire face. This is perfect for keeping your identity discreet. You might also consider using voice-distorting software so that your more curious audience members will continue to be fooled.

  • For 99% percent of youIf you are using your camera for standard video calls, we recommend non-directional, direct lighting. This reduces shadows and gives a natural clean look that represents colors naturally. Strong natural lighting is good for this. Our Ring Light is a perfect add-on that creates simple, nice, clean illumination in any environment. It has a built in clip and has 3 brightness settings so you can adjust to your environment.
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