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Why is my Center Cam hot?Updated 2 years ago


Why is my camera running hot?

Operating System:

 Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu


            Please note that cameras and electronics will naturally run a little hot. The longer they run, the higher the potential for heat emissions. This is because the energy being created inside the device is transferred into heat. The heat is then absorbed and displaced. Manufacturers are aware of this and take precautions to prevent this heat from being excessive or from causing damage.

It is considered normal and safe for your device to be warm to the touch. If you are concerned, keep an eye on it to ensure the heat does not become excessive after a prolonged period.

Here are some signs that an electronic device might be running excessively hot:

  1. The heat emitted from the device makes it too hot to touch
  2. The device is discharging smoke or vapors
  3. The device is emitting odors that resemble burning plastic or burning rubber
          If your device is running hotter than the acceptable threshold, DISCONNECT IT IMMEDIATELY and contact Customer Support. This  is not a common issue and should be reported as soon as possible.  
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