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When will I receive my refund?Updated 2 years ago


Your returned your order. When will your refund be reflected on your account?


Please review our Refund Policy here

            Please note that each step in this process has the potential for delay. Most customers will receive a refund within 5-10 days after they return their product, but it could take 20+ days in some cases. Please wait until 20 days have passed to contact Customer Support

Refunds are processed according to the following steps:

  1. The customer contacts Center Cam Customer Support to request a refund within the first 30 days of receiving their package.
    1. Customer Support tells the customer "We are sorry that you weren't 100% satisfied with Center Cam. We really thought you'd love it!"
    2. Customer Support secretly hopes the customer decides they do love it and no longer wants to return it :)
  2. If the customer still wishes to return the item, Customer Support issues a return label (RMA) for the product and emails it to the customer.
  3. When the customer receives the email, they will need to:
    1. Print the label from the email.
    2. Find an appropriately sized box to package the Center Cam & the Center Cam clip.
      1. If they ordered a Deluxe package, they also need to include the Storage Case and the Adjustable Ring Light Clip
    3. Tape the label to the box that contains the appropriate items.
    4. Ship the box back to Center Cam using the shipping service identified on the shipping label.
  4. Once Center Cam receives the package and confirms the contents were packaged correctly, a refund is processed.
  5. Once the refund is processed, it can take 5-15 days for it to be received, recorded and reimbursed to the customer by their financial institution.
  6. If a refund is not received within 20 days of returning the items, please contact Customer Support.

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