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Operating the Ring Light ClipUpdated 2 years ago


How to operate the Ring Light Clip

Operating System:

Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu


The Ring Light is a great accessory for most Center Cam customers. It creates the ideal lighting during all times of day or night. Here is some basic steps to understand and operate the Ring Light Clip:

  • Attaching to your monitor:

    • The Ring Light Clip is both a Ring Light and a Clip. The built in clip allows you to easily place the Ring Light on the top of your monitor to offer optimal lighting in most situations.
  • Brightness:

    • The Ring Light Clip has 3 brightness settings. Users can easily toggle between settings depending on their needs and their changing environment.
      • The highest power setting is sufficiently bright for most settings and situations. In this setting, a fully charged battery can last for up to 45 minutes of continuous use.
      • The medium power setting is also sufficiently bright for most situations. In this setting, a fully charged battery can last for just over an hour of continuous use.
      • The lowest power setting is bright enough for most people in a well lit room. a fully charged battery can last for up to 1 hour and 30  minutes of continuous use.
    • To toggle the brightness, just click on the small power button on the back of the RingLight. Clicking this button will cycle between the brightness settings, including powering it on and off.
  • Internal Battery:

    • The Ring Light Clip has an internal battery that can last between 1-3 continuous hours, depending on the brightness settings.
  • How to Charge:

    • The Ring Light Clip requires a power source to charge. It comes with a standard 6" charging micro-USB cord for charging between uses. This is comparable with USB port that are enabled to charge devices.
    • When your RingLight is charging, you will see a little red light on the inside of the ring. This light is only visible when the RingLight is powered off. 
    • It will take approximately 2 hours to fully charge the RingLight, though this time can vary drastically, depending on the power source, the bandwidth of the Micro-HDMI cord and the rating of wall connector.
    • If you expect to run the Ring Light Clip continuously, you should plan on plugging it into a reliable power source while it is in use. This will ensure that it stays charged while you need it.
      • Since the included charging cord is only 6" long, you may need to use a longer charging cord that can extend to a power source while the Ring Light Clip is in use.
      • Any micro-USB cable should be compatible with the Ring Light Clip
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