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How do I select Center Cam as my camera in MS Teams?Updated 2 years ago


How to switch from your onboard camera to Center Cam within GoToMeeting


Note that your CenterCam may show up under a different name that usually includes both "cam" and "HD." Here are a few common names under which Center Cam may be described:

  1. 1080 Webcam
  2. CC HD Webcam
  3. CCHD Camera
  4. FHD Camera
  5. etc.

To verify settings from the MS Teams desktop app:

  1. First, ensure that your computer recognizes your CenterCam by checking in the Device Manager.
  2. Launch the MS Teams app and click on your name in the upper right corner
  3. Select Settings and go to Devices
  4. Find Camera and select your Center Cam (under whatever title it gives you.
  5. This is now your preferred camera. We recommend making a test call to verify everything is working perfectly. You can do this as follows:
    1. Select your profile picture > Settings > Devices
    2. Find Audio devices and choose to Make a test Call.
    3. In a test call, you can see exactly how your camera, speaker and mic perform. Just follow the instructions from Test Call to record a short message that will play back for you. Go to device settings to make changes as desired.

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