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How do I power my RingLight?Updated 2 years ago


How to get the most out of your Ring Light Clip from CenterCam


Here are a few things to know about the Ring Light that will improve your experience:

  • Power Source:
    • The Ring Light will come with its own charging cable (micro USB) that plugs into a USB. 
    • The Ring Light needs to be plugged into a separate power source. 
    • You can charge it from your wall outlet, or directly from your computer, when your computer is powered on. 
    • Once the Ring Light is completely charged, it can be unplugged.

  • Power Settings & Battery Life:
    • There are 3 power settings for the Ring Light. 
    • On the lowest power setting, the light will operate for a couple of hours continuously, though it will not be as bright. 
    • On the highest power setting, the light is at its brightest and it will run for about 45 minutes before it needs to be recharged. 

  • Micro USB charging Cord:
    • The RingLightClip comes with its own Micro USB charging cable. 
      • The charging cord (micro USB cable) may not be long enough for you to use your Ring Light while it is charging. 
      • If you want to leave your light plugged in while you use it, you can use any of the longer micro USB charging cables that you have in your house.
    • The fit for the charging cable into your Ring Light may be a little tight, but it should fit if push it in with a little extra force. 
      • If you have issues, let us know and we can look into a replacement part.
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