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How do I adjust Camera settings on Mac OS?Updated 8 months ago

Note: Center Cam currently does not have it's own software for Mac OS. There are third party paid software that can be used to control the settings.

ECAMM iGlasses

iGlasses allows you to change various features on the camera and save some of the settings that you create.

It also allows you to rotate the image of the camera if you want to place your Center Cam in a different location on your monitor.

iGlasses will allow you to have a virtual camera that saves all your settings when you set it up and the you select the iGlasses virtual camera option when selecting your camera in the application you use.


OBS is a more powerful tool that can be used to stream but also adjust your camera as needed. It is more involved to setup and use but is an option.

This is a free option to use. Just feel free to donate to the developer if you'd like.

Once the file is downloaded, double click on it and it will start up.

Step 1 - Select the camera

Step 2 - Change your settings. There are Basic and Advanced Settings that can be changed. Some settings might not be available based on the camera.

Step 3 - Revert to Camera Default. If the settings didn't work out and you want to start over, you can revert to the Default settings. Go to the Profile Section and select the drop down menu. You will see Camera Default. Select this and then select Apply and it will revert back to the Defaults.

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