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Can I zoom my Center Cam in or out?Updated a year ago


Can I zoom in or out on my Center Cam camera?

Operating System:

 Windows, MacOS, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu


Center Cam does not have a zoom in/ zoom out function at this time. Here are some additional insights that might be helpful:

  • The Field of View increases slightly if you have HD settings activated on your computer. Follow these links for guidance on enabling HD settings:

  • The best way to adjust your Field of View (FOV) is to adjust your distance from your monitor and your attached camera to meet your preferences.

    • You can shorten the distance between you and your camera to decrease your field of view.

    • You can increase the distance between you and your monitor to increase your field of view.

  • If your are looking for a more permanent solution, we do sells lenses with different FOVs at These lenses are interchangeable with all cameras manufactured after August 2021.

    • 65 degree FOV - This lens comes standard on all our cameras. It gives a standard field of view, generally a little tighter than the native camera on your laptop.

    • 52 degree FOV - This lens provides a tighter shot and is not recommend when the user and the camera are within 2.5 ft or less of each other.

    • 80 degree FOV - This lens provides the widest field of view out of all of our camera. 

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